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Mother’s Day Interview with our EMOTIMOMS!

Happy Mother’s Day emotimaniacs! Sally & Janet pop by to talk about the olden days before when they used to dress us! Make sure to subscribe to Emotistyle! ☮…

25 comments on “Mother’s Day Interview with our EMOTIMOMS!

  1. 42surfergrrl on said:

    ok. uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhdorable. i love my mom. i love your moms. i loved it. great job everybody! super emotional!

  2. mmbestfriends on said:

    Shamikah looks exactly the same XD

  3. joanifarc on said:

    haha! your mamas are awesome!

  4. marisanabriah on said:

    Molly. You were (and are) so damn cute as a kid.

  5. Minion Manatee on said:

    OMG!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I DON’T KNOW WHERE I WOULD BE WITHOUT YOU GUYS. Oh I know… Fashionably challenged. 😛

  6. idiotobserver213 on said:

    MOLLY – Pls do a tutorial on your perfect bun hairstyle!!!

  7. Meeowrawr on said:

    Shamikah is like really pretty

  8. EllaRaabyemagle on said:

    Tell your moms that I love them!:D
    As you say in the beginning without them “there would be no emotistyle, and the world would be just a terrible place”, which is why your moms are my heroes!<3

  9. Adrian Smith on said:

    BEST VIDEO EVER! Of course I love Sally, but Janet was amazing too! Love the kooky fun. Keep up the good work Shamika and Molly!

  10. natyxo123 on said:

    You should make your videos brighter. The darkness makes me sad..):

  11. Mambo1061 on said:

    Photos are gorgeous you beautiful girls!

  12. arisu23c on said:

    I <3 you guys! I am happy I found you though Black Nerd Comedy.

  13. Katherine Perakis on said:

    shamikah your SOOOOO pretty!!!!!!! i am SO jealous!!!!!!!

  14. PetiteFarfalla on said:

    you moms are as awesomely stylish as you gals! just would have liked to see the fotos longer 😉 I constantly kept stopping the video to see!

  15. Rebecca Williams on said:

    It was nice to “meet” the emotimoms, they did a really great job. Jazzy Aliens FTW!

  16. Schwalbe000 on said:

    Wowwwww!!! What a fantastic idea to introduce your moms to us! They are great and now we know where you girls got your fabulous sense of style from!! 😀 I love all the old pictures! Thank you! :*

  17. thejarofrice on said:

    awwww I love the pics!!

  18. Andrea Renaye on said:

    that was seriously adorable. Cherish your mommy!! I would give ANYTHING to see mine one more time. hard to believe its been 10 years. You don’t just need your mom when you’re little. Im 25 now and need her more than ever. I love you mommy!!

  19. RhymingMime on said:

    That Glamour shot is amazinggggg.

  20. luvnDuggs on said:

    Grace sent meeeeeee

  21. knicol427 on said:

    I love love love Emotistyle! Thanks GraceHelbig 🙂

  22. Danielle Tubergen on said:

    bahaha loooove this! my mama gave me a bowl hair cut for yearrrrs. terrible. love you guys!

  23. Thomas Ferguson on said:

    I’d have liked to have met Patricia’s Mom too.

  24. Caitlin Taylor on said:

    When’s mothers day in the uk !!!??? I ve forgotten:p

    Subscribe to me !!!xxx

  25. Lucy Knight on said:

    where do you get all your vintage pieces from? I’m from the UK and i never know where i can buy or find quirky or vintage clothes, please help!:)