Flintstone Trail – Downhill Mountain Biking – Eagle Mountain Utah

Flintstone Trail - Downhill Mountain Biking - Eagle Mountain Utah

A gnarly lil’ gem of a DH trail just NW of Lake Utah in Eagle Mountain. Some wooden stunts, eye-opening rock drops, nicely built gap jumps and finished off w…

Rezzy Trail is a new trail located to the left of the Resevior, closest to Surrey Hill. The track features jumps, berms and pump sections to mix all XC, Down…
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27 thoughts on “Flintstone Trail – Downhill Mountain Biking – Eagle Mountain Utah”

  1. Good video, nice riding! Can you guys change the settings to allow this to be viewed on mobile devices please?

  2. *Reads comment…. See’s it was posted 4 weeks ago.*

  3. I thought ur vid was awesome! Great filming and riding and had the trails not been closed i would’ve been surprised if u had a single dislike! I thought it was an epic edit, one of the best i’ve seen from swinley forest and it’s a shame really that people dislike and hate on videos when they are good even if they are closed i think it was a harsh to dislike it coz it was a great vid but if i were you i would take your video down and then re-upload when trail opens then u won’t get so much hate

  4. Thanks for the apology, Only 4 weeks or so from when we can all enjoy the trails :-). P.S The filming was good.

  5. On behalf of all the riders in the video I would like to apologise for riding the trails. On the day of filming many other locals were riding the trails and Rangers saw and spoke to us yet did not deny us permission to ride these trails. We apologise to every local rider and will not be riding or filming in the forest until the trails are officially opened.

  6. like I said to Dan hodge on SFMB group I apologies for riding on the trails as yes it was a silly thing to do but in all honesty some person said that day that someof the trails had been opened to the public so that’s the reason we rode onit,I can see why people are annoyed and its because u are frustrated that you can’t ride them yet and to see people riding them pisses you off but I honestly didn’t know we weren’t allowed to ride them, hate the video for the riding not the trail and sorry

  7. Ok – so i appreciate a well put together video, and this is, so well done on that score. However I agree with most of the other comments on here – this trail is closed – fact!!…. 200k+ is being spent on building tracks for us, all you have to do is be a little patient, ride what’s open, and stay off whats not!!….it’s very simple really. No tenuous half baked ‘but some-one said it was OK’ reasons…… its common knowledge whats closed and whats not. Ignorant people really hack me off!!

  8. The fact that in nearly every shot there is the hazard tape or the red plastic fence on the side of the trail should have given you a really really big hint that you should not of been there. Trails needs to “cure” after building them so they last longer. I bet when there is a call for volunteers to maintain the trails you’ll be no where to be seen…. Its bad enough that you have ridden on private land with out permission, but then to put up a video of your antics is just rude. 🙁

  9. @SMBikingvids Why even attempt to ride them when they are closed, or think there might be a possibility so you would ask (which I don’t think is the case anyway). Trails are closed. Big money is being spent to make a great place for riders like you. Stay away until the work is done. End of.

  10. Lol. I only see 2 goons in the video, no-one from Back on Track was there. Given it was probably last sunday (judging by the weather) then you forget that the people from Back on track do it for a living, and actually live in Wales, so I doubt anyone was on site anyway.

  11. The trail builders obviously have to ride a trail once built to test it out. That doesn’t give the general public permission to ride them. I know the chief forester of the crown estate and know that no permission has been given to ride the new trails yet.

  12. I call bullshit. It is CE land not FC and the ranger has repeatedly stated no permission is given for people to ride it until they are finished.

  13. @mark hemmings go have a look, the trail builders were riding while we filmed

  14. These trails are closed, how do you manage to ride them? Do you secretly remove the barriers- what’s your secret?

  15. @matt Carey which is why the forestry commission saw us and have consent to ride

  16. Idiots. The trails are closed and if you had any sense you wouldn’t be riding them.

  17. Great stuff, ruining the new trails that are CLOSED before they have bedded in. What a bunch of selfish muppets.

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